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A Natural Therapeutic Guide to Egypt (Part One) | Blog

A Natural Therapeutic Guide to Egypt (Part One)

A Natural Therapeutic Guide to Egypt (Part One)

God has granted Egypt with some distinctive features which are hard to find anywhere else around the glob. Away from the marvelous ancient monuments, enjoyable beaches, and the well-known hospitality of the Egyptians, there are still even more that the land of the Nile offers!
Many therapeutic properties are spread all over Egypt with numerous tourists from various regions visiting Egypt every year to get healed from different diseases. The natural characteristics of Egypt play a vital role in the curing of many incurable illnesses. 


Egypt has always been famous for its mineral and sulfuric water, distinctive dry climate, and the sand and slit of Egypt which are quite beneficial in curing many diseases including the illnesses of the digestive and respiratory systems and the skin and bones. Theses are the benefits granted to anyone suffering from Rheumatism.

Medical researches have also asserted that the water of the Red Sea, in the Eastern coast of Egypt, with its chemical components and the presence of the distinctive coral reefs helps in curing the Psoriasis.

There are many regions around Egypt that is historically famous in therapeutic tourism. This includes Helwan, in the Northern section of Cairo, Ain El Sira, in the Eastern section, Ain Sokhna, on the Red Sea shores, Hurghada, the Fayoum, the Oasis of the Western Desert, Aswan, Sinai, and Safaga, which has become a popular therapeutic tourism spot in Egypt during the past few years due to the merits of the black sand that has the ability to cure many skin diseases.
A Historical Background
The ancient Egyptians believed that humans were resurrected after death to live forever in the afterlife. Therefore, they were extremely careful to preserve the bodies of their deaths through a complicated mummification processes.

It was common at the time to burry the dead in a dry spot away from any source of water. Competent priests who were able to transform natural substances into medical and pharmaceutical and materials carried out these processes under the frame of advanced medical sciences and.
3000 years BC Egypt was granted to have Imhotep, the father of medicine in the old world with the consensus of historians. He was a doctor, the chief of the priests, and a magnificent architect who constructed the Saqqara Pyramid, the oldest stone monument in the world today.  

Hundreds of natural water springs rich with minerals and sulfuric are spread all over Egypt and they range in their deepness, their capacity, and the temperature which ranges from 30 to 73 degrees. Laboratory analysis asserted that these springs contain the highest level of sulfur in comparison to other water walls around the world. This is besides the fact that they also have many mineral salts like sodium carbonate, magnesium, and iron.   Laboratory measurements have moreover showed that the salinity of the water of the springs in Egypt is appropriate to be used in therapeutic purposes  
The sand of Egypt is never less rich than its water as studies and researches have shown that the sand dunes of the Western Desert contain safe percentages of radioactive elements that are quite beneficial from the medical aspect. Treatment through burying the body or placing it in a painful poison under the sand for specific and studied periods of time have shown marvelous unprecedented results in curing many diseases like Rheumatic illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and pain caused by diseases of the spinal cord which modern medicine was unable to cure with such successful results.      
Now, we will explore the most important cities and destinations in Egypt that are famous for therapeutic treatments with natural materials and substances;
The suburbia of Helwan is situated around 30 kilometers to the South of the center of the Egyptian capital on the East Bank of the River Nile and 40 meters above the sea level.

Helwan is featured for its dry climate as the percentage of humidity never exceeds 58%. This is besides many unparalleled natural sulfuric water springs. The history of therapy being carried out by the natural mineral water of Helwan goes back to the end of the 19th century. Afterwards the water wells which are called in Arabic “Hamamt Helwan”; were renewed in 1955 and the Helwan Center for sulfur rheumatism and natural medicine. The center has around 40 rooms for sulfur treatment and many chalets to accommodate the guests which make it one of the best places in Egypt for therapeutic purposes
An elite group of doctors who specialize in rheumatic diseases and alternative medicine work in the Helwan Center. They carry out detailed medical check up on the guests before the beginning of the treatment to determine the best means of curing. Each guest has a file in the systems of the center in order to get back to it during follow ups and other visits of the guests.
Helwan Center has the following services:
·     Diagnostic radiology -  
·     A fully equipped medical laboratory
·     An Esoteric and heart department
·     An electric water pool for the water treatment
·     A steam bath
·     Devices  of ultraviolet and short waves
The Bahariya Oasis
Situated around 360 kilometers to the South West of the Egyptian capital; Bahariya Oasis has all the touristic, historical, and antiquities aspects to be one of the most visited destinations in Egypt nowadays.

Away from the historical monuments, the Bahariya Oasis hosts more 400 sulfuric water wells which have been proved by the researches and studies carried out by many Egyptian universities and research centers to have a great effect in curing skin diseases, rheumatism, and rheumatoid. This fact qualified Bahariya to be one of the best therapeutic resorts in Egypt for the dry climate and shining sun as well.

The Bahariya Oasis has become widely famous especially between tourists coming from Europe for therapeutic purposes and in particular in the Bir Halfa water well  as the temperature goes to 45 degrees and the famous Roman water wells which is famous with the name Bishmo; an anciently used water well which get its water from two sources; one is cold and the other is hot.

Stay tuned as we will be exploring more and more therapeutic destinations in Egypt.



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