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5 Reasons you should hire a Travel Agent for your Egypt Tour | Blog

5 Reasons you should hire a Travel Agent for your Egypt Tour

5 Reasons you should hire a Travel Agent for your Egypt Tour

In the age of information, hiring a travel agent for Egypt travel might seem obsolete. With thousands of travel blogs, sites and apps providing free information on all the different Egyptian tours, Nile cruise boats, safety tips and best hotels, we can’t help but question the continued existence of travel agents!

Because why on earth would you pay money to a travel agent say to book you a Nile Cruise when you can just do-it-yourself? Right?!

Well if you had asked me this question a year ago, I would probably say yes, there is no real reason or added benefit when it comes to hiring travel agents just to tour Egypt. However, after planning a trip to Spain with my family, I have become a believer!

I can easily say not hiring a travel agent was the biggest most expensive mistake we ever did

Our Vacation couldn’t have been more frustrating and stressful. We couldn’t understand the locals; there was the constant search for Wifi, the battle of the maps and navigation, finding the best local hangouts, the worry about bus schedules, taxi fares, accommodation, purchasing last minute show tickets! The list of worries was endless!

If you dream about travelling to Egypt, take my advice! Don’t make the same mistake I did!

Here are the top 5 reasons you should hire a travel agent for your Egypt tour: 

1.     Hassle free

There are some instances in life, when going to a professional just makes good sense, for instance if you need to do your taxes, you go to your accountant even though you technically COULD do it yourself if you have the time, knowledge, energy and can endure the pain that goes along with it! The same can be said about Egypt travel. Because there are safety issues, not to mention the numerous amount of tours in Egypt, when you let a professional handle your travel plans, you benefit from their advice on the variable tour packages in Egypt, connections and expertise about the best Nile cruise boats, enabling you to have an enjoyable hassle free trip!

2.     You spend less and save more

More often than not, with Egypt travel people assume they can save more money through the do –it-yourself approach when in fact travel agents can get better deals, customize Egypt tour packages according to your needs, ensure your safety and give you added benefits through their connections with resorts, airlines and Nile cruise lines. Not only that but they can usually give you lower rates than what you find online so even though you can book a cheap trip by yourself, a travel agent will give you a high quality vacation along with better value for your money


3.     Sticky situations avoided

We all know that even the best laid plans can go wrong when travelling to Egypt and it is in times like these that a good travel agent comes in handy to quickly solve your issues. In short, they watch out for you and have your back which is especially helpful if a situation arises with your Nile cruise booking or if you want to change your tour in Egypt. Moreover a travel agent will provide tips on how to deal with touts, help you spot the tourist scams, and in general keep you out of vulnerable situations that can otherwise affect your safety! Simply, there is no way to get this kind of safety benefit just by booking your trip yourself or even by buying insurance!

4.      “There’s no fool like an old fool – you can’t beat experience” – Jacob Braude

Because travel agents visit the different tourist sites, Nile cruise hotels and attractions they recommend others in their Egypt tour packages, they can give very precise information with regards to your needs and safety concerns because unlike you or me they plan vacations every day not once every few months or years, that makes their experience and knowledge about tours in Egypt invaluable! Especially when planning a complicated itinerary with multiple stops, or custom tour packages in Egypt with a group of people who need visas, have medical conditions or disabilities! It is this first- hand experience that can show you things you don’t find in search engines!

5.     “Egypt has been on my list for ages” – Sounds familiar?

As Benjamin Franklin puts it, time is money and even though most of us don’t lack in dreams, we lack the time to make them come true. After a few days of reading up on the hundreds of Nile cruise packages, safety warnings and travel tips when planning a tour in Egypt, you get that overwhelmed feeling that usually ends with frustration and abandoned plans! So if you think about it, a travel agent is an actual God-send making all your travel dreams come true within a short amount of time!

Bottom line, even celebrities hire travel agents when planning their vacations! Like the time Will Smith was doing a tour in Egypt, he hired renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass to accompany him! So if these people with their huge staff of personal assistants, secretaries and connections feel they can have a better vacation with a travel agent, wont you?




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