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How to Pick The Right Travel Agent for Safe Egypt Travel | Blog

How to Pick The Right Travel Agent for Safe Egypt Travel

How to Pick The Right Travel Agent for Safe Egypt Travel

Scared to hire a travel agent in Egypt? Afraid no one will show up?

Learning how to pick the right travel agent, especially when travelling to Egypt is crucial for your safety and an overall smoothly running trip without falling for tourist scams which unfortunately are common in Egypt. 

Indeed, Egypt tours and a Nile cruise planned by a competent travel agency can give you the trip you have been dreaming of since 1st grade!

But the problem is that, do-it-yourself people often think they don’t need a travel agent to plan their tours in Egypt! When in fact, a travel agent knows more about the best Egyptian tour packages and Nile cruises than you! Add to that his vast connections, experience and the benefits he can provide along with a safety net during your visit and you have yourself a better deal than anything you could have found online! Not convinced?

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Now when it comes to picking the right travel agent for safe Egypt travel, here are the best tips! 


1.     Look for the right Certification

At Lady Egypt travel agency we believe in the importance of credentials and certification to put our clients at ease and ensure their safety from tourist scams that is why we are proud to be part of the prestigious American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) (www.asta.org). Since ASTA is the world’s largest association of travel agents they have a strict code of conduct that keeps incompetent travel agents out, a consumer affairs department in which you can lodge complaints against their members, and a reputation to uphold! You can search for ASTA-affiliated agents on the organization's consumer site, TravelSense.org

Not only that, but as members of the Air Transport Association and Egyptian Travel Association we aim to provide the highest quality and value for money when it comes to Egypt Tours and Nile Cruise Packages!

2.     “With age comes wisdom” – Oscar Wilde

The horror stories about travel agencies scamming tourists or jeopardizing their safety are endless, we all know someone someplace who had a run in with a travel agent that left him high and dry! And because this is the age of technology, a ton of fake travel agencies have cropped up making it hard to weed out the fakes and the amateurs from the pros! That’s why before travelling to Egypt or purchasing plane or Nile cruise tickets, check when the travel agency was established. The date will give you an idea about the amount of experience they have and hence the quality of service they will provide you!

3.     The Power of Testimonials

Before travelling to Egypt, carefully reading reviews can shed a lot of light about a travel agency’s work ethics and expertise especially with regards to their Egypt tours and recommended Nile Cruise Packages! Indeed, Testimonials provide you with very useful information such as the general experiences of other consumers, the level of safety they provide, common complaints that should be noted and the company’s response to negative reviews which can reveal a lot about them! Whether they reach out and offer help, go the extra mile or just ignore the complaints, it could be sign of how they would react to you in case of an emergency or cancellation!

4.     Keep it Local

Hiring a local travel agent from the country you are visiting has multiple benefits. Usually local travel agencies are cheaper to hire, they know more about the culture, customs, travel restrictions and language of the locals. They are experts when it comes to choosing the best Egypt tours or Nile cruise boats, sights and accommodations that fulfill your needs. At lady Egypt, not only do we provide you with flexible, custom Egypt tour packages that suit every budget, we also provide insight about each tour guide in our team so you have the liberty of connecting with the person you feel most at ease with!

Overall, hiring a competent travel agent when visiting Egypt can do more for you than any search engine in the world! Because they understand your needs; they can customize your tours or Nile cruise to provide you with a safe, smoothly running vacation and save you money into the bargain! 




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