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Short Egypt day tours: Top sightseeing budget tours and travel packages! | Blog

Short Egypt day tours: Top sightseeing budget tours and travel packages!

Short Egypt day tours: Top sightseeing budget tours and travel packages!

Short Egypt day tours: Top sightseeing budget tours and travel packages! 
Don’t have time for an in depth Egypt tour? Wish to see the top sightseeing places on a limited budget but with the perks of having a travel agent at hand? Well, travel to Egypt has never been easier or more efficient! With our custom Lady Egypt tour packages, you can tour the land of wonders in as much as 5 days or in as little as a few hours depending on your schedule! 
As someone who struggles with time management, I know the value of time well spent and how important it is to maximize every hour in order to gain the most benefit.
That’s why when planning your Egypt tour; we keep in mind that your tour package be concise and efficient as much as possible to accommodate any type of schedule and budget!
Here are the Top Budget-friendly Egypt day tours and packages
1.       Visit the oldest remaining seventh wonder of the ancient world!
Whether you are touring Egypt for a few hours or a few days this is a must-see on any itinerary, no one travels to Egypt without stopping to admire the Great Pyramids of Giza along with its remarkable sphinx! But what’s really exciting is the recent discovery of a 26 meters long plank of wood belonging to King Khufu’s boat! This 4000 years old work of art will be transferred to the Grand Egyptian museum along with thousands of other artifacts! That’s not all though; any tour package includes a stopover at the Solar Boat Museum to check out the reconstructed solar ship of King Khufu that was intended for his transport to afterlife! And the best part is that this is all budget friendly

2.       Don’t miss out on a tour to the ancient Egyptian capital Memphis 
When Egypt comes to mind, most people think of the great pyramids of Giza as being the only pyramids Egypt has to offer in any tour package; however a visit to Memphis and its necropolis will reveal otherwise. Memphis the ancient Egyptian capital is by far older than any pyramid built in Egypt and contains some of the most fascinating archeological sites in the world at a budget friendly cost, for instance, it contains Saqqara the ancient burial ground which has the step pyramid of Djoser. This was the first pyramid ever built, one hundred years before the pyramids of Giza were even started! Not only that but you should ask your travel agent to arrange a tour in Dahshour to see the well preserved red and bent pyramids constructed under the reign of Pharoah Snefru! Don’t miss out on this fascinating Ancient Egyptian architecture during your Egypt travel

3.       The GEM: A grand addition to any tour
Travelling to Egypt has never been more attractive! The opening of the Grand Egyptian museum (GEM) is the latest in a series of developments by the ministry of antiquities, set to partially open mid 2017, the GEM will be the world’s largest museum housing more than 100,000 ancient artifacts using the latest technology for display!  Not only that, the GEM’s prime location makes it all the more impressive, just 2 km away from the Grand Pyramids of Giza enabling visitors an opportunity to combine both visits in a day’s tour package for a once in a lifetime archeological experience!
4.       Enjoy Ottoman architecture at the Islamic district of Cairo
No Egyptian tour package is complete without a trip to Islamic Cairo! This culture rich district includes the Citadel of Salah El Din which was built during the Ottoman rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha after overthrowing the Mamluks. A must- see historic site recommended by all travel agents for its Ottoman architecture, mosques and glorious museums.  This is usually paired with a tour of Khan el Khalili, the major souk which was the burial site of the Fatimid Caliphs! Colorful, loud and crowded, this market place is always bursting with activity!
5.       Walk in the footsteps of the holy family!
One of the best budget tours in Egypt, is the Coptic Cairo tour which is a cultural and historical gem to say the least! This tour package contains sites such as the extraordinary hanging church, which was built above the gatehouse of the Roman Babylon Fortress around the 3rd century AD, the Coptic Museum and many churches that the Holy Family visited during their escape to Egypt. Truly this day trip should not be missed when touring Egypt especially since its one of the most budget friendly destinations!
In the end, no matter how busy your schedule is or how much you want to spend, at Lady Egypt tours every tour package can be customized to suit your needs, interests and wishes providing you with a better chance of meeting your travel goals. Overall, the trip of your dreams can easily be a reality!



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