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8 good reasons why you need to travel to Egypt | Blog

8 good reasons why you need to travel to Egypt

8 good reasons why you need to travel to Egypt

Egypt is known as the land of the Pharaohs. A land stocked with ancient Egypt tour attractions and amazing tours around the best historical sites we only read in books. Egypt brings you face to face with both ancient & modern attractions plus an array of exotic hotels and nostalgic cultural practices worth writing home about. From housing one of the longest rivers in the world to the greatest Pharaoh mausoleums, Egypt is a paradise getaway with the potential of highlighting your tour ventures.

Amazing ancient attractions

Pyramids of Giza
Egypt has the potential of housing over 12 million tourists annually with a rake of about $11billion from just tourism alone. A good number of these tourists come to view the great Pyramids of Giza that are a highlight in historical records worldwide and have even been featured in movies.
As a tourist, the Pyramids of Giza would be top on to-do-list for my Egypt day tour. There is a lot of history around these great monuments than what we actually know from books. So I will definitely book myself a place on one of those Pyramids tours to get to learn about the surviving pyramids.

The Pyramids are a true representation of the ancient Egyptian civilization with three Pyramids remaining to tell the story of the ancient Pharaohs. The Pyramid of Khufu is the tallest of the three standing at 449ft on the Giza Plateau. It’s a sheer wonder that such a great mausoleum was built on manual labor with 2 million bricks.
The Pyramid of Khafre comes second which appears larger than Khufu from certain angles but still takes second place.

The Pyramid of Menkaure takes third place standing at 62m above ground today. I hear inside the pyramids is a bit spooky but if I can man up I would be welcomed to a vast collection of ancient Egyptian education.
But I don’t have to really go inside; just a photo moment besides these Egypt tour attractions is enough as a souvenir back home. And going to see the Pyramids at this time of the year is beneficial because the Grand Museum of Egypt will be standing next to the pristine Pyramids and will offer more of the ancient adventure to tourists.

The Museum of Cairo
Second on my Egypt tourist attractions list has to be the great Museum at Cairo. I understand that this Museum has stood the test of time since 1835 and was built for the sole purpose of preserving antiquities.

There is a rich history behind the antiquities, one of chronic pillaging and looting of artifacts until the Egyptian government took action by building this Museum. Now the Museum of Cairo houses a wide number of Egyptian artifacts which are the remaining evidence of Egypt’s great timeline transition from the ancient Pharaohs to the modern civilization occupying the country today.

So I will sure book myself an Egypt day tour to go visit the Museum of Cairo and share in the vintage history of the Egyptians. And what does the museum have to offer? The funeral works are just majestic, a true evidence at how the Egyptians are serious about the afterlife. Vintage jewelry is also something to look forward to, especially when Egypt is one of the areas in the world with unique designs on Jewelry’ the classic ornaments worn by ancient queens like Cleopatra.

The Museum of Cairo is also home to what is remaining of the youngest king to ever rule Egypt. If you have never heard of King Tut, then an Egypt day tour to the great Cairo Museum will introduce you to the youngest King to ever rule Egypt. Though he was a mere boy, King Tut’s 9 year rule was felt by the whole of Egypt and remains a time to remember even to date. Some of his great jewelry and weaponry are still preserved at the Museum.

The Great Cairo Tower
If you thought the Pyramids of Egypt where the highest point in Egypt, guess again. The great Cairo Tower is another area I cannot leave Egypt without a grand tour of. The Tower is reported to stand about 187 meters high which beats most of the buildings in Cairo plus the Pyramids themselves.
The Great Cairo Tower was a small show-off project by the Egyptians; to prove to the world that they are capable of building a luxurious sky scraper right in the African continent. And the Egyptians proved this point good; the tower is built in a shape resembling the lotus plant and one would definitely marvel at the lattice-work embossed in the tower.

Now you cannot visit the whole of Cairo in a day but you can definitely see its entirety if you were lucky to be at the top of the tower. Serving as a Television tower, being at the top gives a panoramic sight of the greater Cairo; from horizon to horizon and one says the City’s view is most magnificent at night.

Am told there is an inside restaurant to visitors with a great view of the majestic Nile river as it snakes through Cairo city. The cuisine is the right taste but the emphasis is definitely on the watch tower that gives a crystal view of the Pyramids to the west, the lustrous Hilton Hotel to the east and the Nile Delta zooming northwards.

The Bazaar of El Khalilli
Does shopping count as part of the Egypt tourist attractions? Well it does for me; I wouldn’t mind spoiling myself to some great Egyptian souvenirs to take at home.
A quick flashback of El Khalilli Bazaar, it started off as a Caravanserai; a common place where travelers stopped to rest and refresh. Today, the Bazaar of El Khalilli is a buzzing open air market where haggling noises rent the air as tourists and vendors try to come to price agreements.

And let me say what they haggle is not the cheap stuff we get at a pawn shop, this ancient Egyptian market is known to house the best wares in the world among clothes, spices, alluring perfumes and jewelry.  The Bazaar of El Khalilli is just a nice place to hang around even if shopping is not my agenda. The sweet aroma of coffee wafts through the air from Coffee shops flocked all over the market. How about enjoying a cup as you marvel at the Caravanserai which is rumored to be standing to date!

These four Egypt tourist attractions give you a good taste of the African country without even having to visit other places. But if I still have the energy in me and a few more days to spare, I would definitely get into another Egypt day tour and visit the Cairo citadel, and the Abu Sir Necropolis. I hear there are more Pyramids to see like Dashur, Maidum and Djoser.

The Modern Egypt attractions
Egypt is one of the African countries to gain civilization in a mighty way. They debut their journey to modernity with the lotus shape Cairo Tower then later the great Aswan High Dam.
Since then the Egyptians haven’t held back in their genius creativity. Egypt gives the best of both worlds; from nostalgic ancient sites and attractions to modern day luxurious amenities to take it back after an Egypt day tour round Cairo and its environs.

The Cairo Opera House
If you haven’t enjoyed Opera in Africa, the Cairo Opera House is a great addition to your Egypt day tour list. This 7 storey building sits majestically at the Gezira Exhibition house and was premiered way back in 1988. Donning an Islamic architecture design, this is the haven for rich Egyptian culture as well as mellow Opera performances; and a list of talented ballet shows everyone can enjoy.
The Cairo Opera House sits about 1300 people on four different levels; so there is just about room for everyone. I would make sure I get to one of those Egypt tourist attractions packages that include the Opera house as part of the visit.
Cairo Theatres
Who wouldn’t love a night of performances in Egypt? I would definitely get my popcorn and soda ready for some amazing movies at the Cairo Theatres alongside live shows that get held frequently.
The Oberoi Mena House is another Theatrical edifice which combines culinary establishments to its name. I can treat myself to some Egyptian delicacies at the Mena heritage hotel before hoping into the theatre for some western and Arabian performances.
Cairo Eateries
No one can run on an empty stomach, so it’s time to look for suitable places to whet my appetite, literally. Cairo houses some of the most amazing eating joints, and having a meal of your choice is determined by how much you are willing to spend on a plate. The lower Cairo region is perfect for those low priced delicacies as well as quick snacks as you tour the City. The expensive delicacies are sold on the upper part of the city and this is mainly in Hotels and modern restaurants.
But I did not come all the way to have delicacies am familiar with. I think lower Cairo is where you should stick around if you really want to taste local food, fruits and drinks all at a bargain prices
Without further ado here is a quick list of eating joints you can try whilst in Cairo;
  • Abou Sid is one of those high end hotels where early reservations have to be made if you want a taste of true Egyptian delicacy.
  • Al Gahsh isn’t a bad idea as well if you are looking to spend less on food. Al Gahsh houses the best local delicacies among them the famous Egyptian Bean paste. Al Gahsh also overlooks the great Seidna Zeinab mosque; so how about I kill two birds with one stone while at it.
  • Kushari Tahrir is the place to tick on your Egypt day tour for a sample of that one famous Egyptian delicacy, Kushari. Kushari is all they serve in this region and it is rumored to be finger-licking and satisfying dish.
  • Maison Thomas is also a great place for those of us afraid of trying exotic Egyptian food. This is a home for amazing Italian Pizzas plus Italian delicacies. While at the Maison, I can make sure I go to the in house Deli where they serve well made pork; if you love Pork make sure to visit this place, you won’t find Pork products that easy in Egypt
Egypt by Night
Now I cannot sum up my list of Egypt Tourist attractions if I don’t get to try the nightlife. This is one of the major escapades tourists look forward to. Egypt is blessed with an array of clubbing joints like Absolute nightclub; now this one has its own Dj who will keep you dancing all night to Arabic twists and club-banging techno. L’Aubergine is a second club for the young aged revelers where the sound system is absolutely loud and throbs of crisp music.



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