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Warm Destinations for Your Winter Vacation in Egypt | Blog

Warm Destinations for Your Winter Vacation in Egypt

Warm Destinations for Your Winter Vacation in Egypt

Egypt, the cradle of civilization, is home to one of the oldest Seven Wonders of the World. Despite their ancient history dated to about 7000 years ago, ancient Egyptians excelled in making stunning art carvings from gold and hard stones, which are difficult to be carved by modern day sculptors, even with all the available modern technology.
Ancient Egyptians had demonstrated scientific progress that helped them develop their methods and tools to facilitate this type of work. They have proven to the world throughout history that mankind can never archive their incomparable level of sculpturing using just few simple tools and primitive methods that existed at the time. Not only they were brilliant sculptors, they were also great at medicine whilst the most of nearby civilizations had no clue about it.

Ancient pharaonic civilization built the crown jewel of all ancient monuments, Egyptian pyramids. These majestic pyramids have been keeping their building secrets for thousands of years, and still baffled scientists so far. This is what keeps these pyramids alive for thousands of years, just to tell us ancient stories through their mystic silence.
Given this cultural progress in ancient Egypt, it is not surprising that Egypt contains two-thirds of the world's ancient monuments. In addition, these places have natural beauty that attracts anyone who visit or see them. Most of these monuments are founded in the desert or in Upper Egypt, where the weather is hot in summer and warm in winter, which make these places ideal destinations for winter holidays.

After selecting one of the best Egypt tour packages for your winter trip that contain your desired destinations, the first destination will be Egypt’s capital, Cairo. In Cairo you can visit a number of archaeological sites. Each area has a history, and each story will be narrated by one of our experienced tour guides. Touring Cairo and its pharaonic and religious places is like traveling in a time machine that allows you to use your imagination as you stroll through its streets. As soon as you enter the downtown of Cairo, you will start traveling through time and seeing the exquisite buildings with oriental style. If you are a lover of history and archaeological buildings, and would like to know how people lived in these areas in Cairo, we strongly recommend to choose one of the travel packages from Egypt Tours that show you this aspect of history.

One of the oldest Seven Wonders of the World in Egypt:
If you are a history lover and would like to see the pharaonic monuments, you will only need a few minutes to be in one of the oldest places in the history, Giza plateau. Giza Pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders of the World that the ancient Egyptians built in prehistoric times. They are about half an hour away from the city. Throughout history, millions have come to see the architectural and engineering structures that dazzled people all over the world. There you will see the greatness of this civilization embodied in the three Pyramids and the Sphinx. You can also take commemorative photos with those memorable scenes, ride horses and camels, or climb the pyramids. You may also enter the pyramids to get the full experience.

Castle, street, neighborhood and mosque in the Islamic style:
If you are a fan of Islamic civilization, you will need half an hour or less to get to a great constellation of Islamic monuments and ancient monuments in the heart of Cairo, including the citadel of "Salah al-Din", from which you can see the entire old Cairo, as the castle is on a high plateau that will enable you to see a mesmerizing scene. Next to the castle, there is the mosque of "Mohammed Ali", which embodies the Ottoman architecture, as well as the school of "Sultan Ahmed". You may also visit the street of "Moez Ledinillah Al-Fatimi", which contains monuments from the Fatimid era. You can walk between the buildings of the design of this Historical period. You can also stroll around one of the oldest neighborhoods of ancient Egypt: Khan al-Khalili. It is a popular market where you can find some of the artifacts that worth buying. At the end, you can see giant mosques, monuments, and minarets standing in the sky of Cairo by visiting the "Ibn Tulun Mosque", which dates back to the 9th century.

Coptic Monastery in the mountain and an old royal palace in Cairo:
Do not forget that the Coptic monuments have a great presence in Cairo, as one of the most beautiful churches in the world is the "Hanging Church" is located near St. George Church. You can visit the monastery of St. Simon, known as the "Cave Church", which demonstrates how the Copts protected their sanctities by digging an entire monastery in the heart of the mountain. Cairo has other tourist attractions dating back to the British occupation and French occupation. You can see many of them in the Tahrir district in the center of Cairo, an area of English and French houses built during the former occupation of Egypt. You may also see Abdeen Palace, the Royal Palace in Cairo.

After visiting Cairo and Giza:
Your next destination could be the warmest governorates in Egypt in the winter, namely Luxor and Aswan. Luxor and Aswan together contain nearly half of the world's monuments. The city of Luxor is located in the center of Egypt, and the traveling time between Luxor and Aswan is about 3 hours. Your trip will not be considered as complete before you visit them and see these sights and buildings that date back to the 5,500. You can visit many temples and palaces, as well as many pharaonic treasures and giant statues.

Fortified village and lots of pillars:
You must have seen a number of pictures showing huge obelisks in pharaonic style, and huge statues in front of them. This was called the former fortified village which is now known as the "Karnak Temples Complex." The tourists often refer to the temple of Amun Ra as the Karnak Temple, whereas it's just one of Karnak's temples. It was one of the oldest and holy temples at the time.

Sonu means the market in the old Egyptian language:
Europeans call Aswan the city of magic and beauty, It is the most beautiful province you can enjoy in the winter. The city was known in ancient times as "Sonu", which means "market" in the ancient Egyptian language, and was the center of the convoys heading to and from Nuba. There you will find many charming places and activities to do, such as visiting the Kom Ombo Temple on the banks of the Nile in the Bayarah area. The temple offers many concerts and sound and light performances. Then, you can pay a visit to the Crocodile Museum in the same temple. You may also visit the city's magnificent streets, sit on one of the city's famous cafes and enjoy the reflected light on the surface of the Nile.
Solar alignment phenomenon and genius construction:
Many people know the story of the solar alignment with the statue of Ramesses II, but they had no chance to witness it. So, here are the dates when the sun ray falls perpendicularly on the statue of Ramesses II, 22 October and 22 February. You can also check out the historical trips here and book in one of these days, as it is said that these days are his birthday and his coronation day, but some have challenged this fact. Assuming that these two days are true, it means that ancient Egyptians have excelled in determining an ideal point for the construction of the Temple of Abu Simbel, which ensures the precise sun alignment with the statue of King Ramses II on his birthday and his coronation day. Ancient egypians took a further step and designed the temple to guarantee that the sun never reach the head of the statue of "Ptah", who was historically mentioned as the god of hell. It is believed that there are no calculations today that enable us to do this, even in the most sophisticated priceless buildings; we cannot determine when the sun rises perpendicularly on the owner's room or the general manager of this building.

Monuments that can only be found in Aswan:
In addition to seeing archeological sites that cannot be found except in Upper Egypt, and after enjoying the Pharaonic civilization monuments and seeing rare historical landmarks such as Abu Simbel and Karnak, you may enjoy the "flocca" that sails in the Nile day and night, to and from the heart of the city. This will enable you to see many unique pieces of art on both sides of the river, while listening to music and performances of Egyptian folklore, including the wonderful flute known for the people of the south. Then you can go to the famous old markets and bazaars in Luxor to buy the most beautiful hand-made Egyptian artifacts. There you'll find everything from clothes and ancient Egyptian costumes, to souvenir little temples, statues and pyramids.

Islands in the middle of the Nile:
Nile islands are a group of islands in the middle of the Nile surrounded by soft sand and trees, for this reason Aswan is called bride of the Nile. You can see all this in Nile cruises trips, enjoy those rare landscapes and see many temples and statues on the river banks.

The colorful city
Do not forget to visit the area of "West Suhail" in Aswan, the Nubian region famous for its colorful colors and colorful old houses. Throughout this region, the Nubians embodied the Nubian folklore and the ancient Nubian heritage in a simple and wonderful way on the banks of the Nile, which made this place a wonderful tourist attraction.

Dam and Lake:
During your visit to Nubia you can see the High Dam, which is the great dam that was built in 1968. The historical importance of this dam for Egyptians is known to successive generations. It was the largest national project in the world during the 20th century. Beside the dam there are many lakes, including the most notably Lake Nasser, in addition to many scenic landscapes.




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