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Why Should You Learn More About Egypt Before Traveling | Blog

Why Should You Learn More About Egypt Before Traveling

Why Should You Learn More About Egypt Before Traveling

Why Should You Learn More about Egypt before Traveling

Every one of us loves traveling and visiting new places to discover others culture, habits and lifestyles. You may make a list of some where you want to visit such as France, Italy, and Switzerland. Everywhere you want to travel definitely has many attractive places whether ancient or modern. If you are looking for a country has rich ancient and modern sightseeing, I highly recommend Egypt. Because it’s one of the richest country with the most ancient sightseeing, has a long and big history. The Egyptian history started with the Pharaohs age, the Roman age, the Islamic age and the modern age.

In all ages Egypt occupied a privileged position, it’s considered as the  home of the ancient Pharaohs with its temples hieroglyphs, mummies, and don’t forget that Egypt has one of the seven wonders of the world "Pyramids", but it’s not the only thing it has besides the Pharaohs places there are many ancient churches, monasteries and mosques. Egypt enjoys different geographic regions and diverse terrain. And by picking up a luxury Egypt tours packages you will have a chance take to visit the Nile, beautiful shores, the mountains and the desert.

Egypt  is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Before traveling to Egypt you need to know new information about it to keep your trip in the right and interesting way to have an exciting and unforgettable trip in Egypt. These things include:

Egypt Tourism

Egypt has many ancient and fun cities you should visit where you can find silence and beautiful nature. Your Egypt tours packages should include Luxor, Aswan, Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Alexandria. Each city has a special Luster and history. If you want to see the ancient history of Egypt "Pharaohs History" where the world began you must go to Al Giza to see the Great Pyramids which is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You also can see the Pharaoh's Village in Cairo also go to Luxor and Aswan where they have the One-third of the world's monuments, it has The Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Edfu Temple and Kom Ombo Temple. In Luxor you can see also the tombs of Tutankhamun, Ramses VI with replicas or their artifacts. Besides the Pharaohs, Alexandria has a lot of Roman and Greek monuments like the Roman Theater Pillar of Al Sawary. In addition there are many sites from the Islamic age such as the mosques and the Islamic castles and forts. Egypt has also many modern cities where you can enjoy swimming, diving, relax and enjoy marine life and exercises in Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Red Sea and Hurghada.

Egypt Climate

Beaches, mountains, valleys and deserts: Egypt has it all. The climate in Egypt is different from place to place as there are seas, desert, Nile River so the climate is mild in the coast and hot in the desert in summer and warm in winter. In general the climate in Egypt is moderate the tourists will find it good to trip all time of the year but you should remember to wear a hat in the sunny day and always hand your water bottle to stay hydrated.

Egypt Food and Drink

Egyptian food suits all tastes, Egyptians depend on legumes and starches for their food, they love beans which is used in many delicious dishes like Falafel, the most popular dish in Egypt is Kushari mixture of rice, lentils, past and onions it’s considered as the national dish in Egypt. You will see a lot of fast food carts in the streets they differ from place to place from local to high class. The Egyptian desserts include sweet semolina cakes, Kanafeh, and baklava, for drinks you can find any drinks you want in Egypt and you will enjoy the taste of fresh juices from the Egyptian fresh fruit.  

Egyptian people

The Egyptians are kind, compassionate and generous and helpful people. They are compassionate and generous people, Egypt categorized among the most generous countries in the world. Do not hesitate to ask for help from the Egyptians because they are all trying to give it to you, you will feel very welcome in Egypt. People always say welcome to Egypt. Be prepared to get asked to take selfies with locals, especially at tourist sites.  Egypt is a very rich culture. The typical Egyptian is by nature generally modest, friendly, and helpful to the extent of giving you his own jacket if you are cold

Egypt Nile River

Egypt is the gift of the Nile. You should make a small Cruise in the Nile River where you can see the greatness of this river and watching the cities on both banks. A cruise along the Nile has been a defining travel experience since modern tourism began. If you’re not joining a tour it’s easy to purchase a stateroom on a ship heading downstream

Egypt Transportation

Through one of the offered Egypt tours you'll have the chance to see and feel all the kinds of transportation cars, planes, trains, buses, metro Taxis, horses, and camels. In seas you can see big and small ships, luxury yachts, in Nile River you can try to ride a felucca which is a small boat in Nile where you can see the beautiful scenes in the two banks of the great Nile River. You must go through these transportation means.  

Egypt markets  

The major cities of Egypt are home to bazaars and markets galore. You can go treasure hunting in such places like Khan el-Khalili in Cairo filled with trinkets and souvenirs of all shapes and sizes, such as: essences and oils, papyrus, alabaster stones, handmade carpets.

Egypt is a special beautiful country filled with cultural gems. You have to visit it and experienced the taste of the old and modern history. The mentioned information is viewing how Egypt is so beautiful country mixing between the ancient past and the modern present. It’s the state that all seekers of knowledge and human history dream of visiting. Do not hesitate to visit Egypt We have explained in this information presented in this article how it’s a safe and attractive country. For our part we will always accompany you throughout your trip in Egypt and we will do our best to make your trip fun and safe.



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