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Thousands of years ago, Egyptian temples were constructed for the official worship of gods and to honour the reigning pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. The gods were thought to reside within these sanctuaries and the Egyptians would perform rituals and give offerings. Today, Egyptologists continue to study the surviving temples dispersed across the country and they...
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Just holidaying in Egypt is an experience in itself – one that will remain with you for the rest of your life. This country is unlike any other with such a fascinating history. Its enthralling past can still be seen in the ancient ruins and relics scattered across the landscape, inside the striking temples spiraling...
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Egypt’s capital is the first stop for many travellers to Egypt and an extraordinary one at that.    This megacity of magnificence can overwhelm even the most hardy of visitors with its frenetic atmosphere. Not to worry though, as our Egypt tours will put you at ease thanks to expert local guides and carefully curated itineraries. Discover the Tutankhamen exhibit...
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There is no chance that you will go hungry when holidaying in Egypt. In fact, quite the opposite when the local cuisine is centered around beans, stews, breads and cheese. Many of the dishes are vegetable-based given that it is difficult and expensive to raise livestock in Egypt. This is also attributed to the fact...
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There are many people who are fascinated with the Dead Sea. Not only is it the lowest point on earth, but anyone, regardless of their weight, will float on the waters. These two facts, together with the therapeutic and healing elements of the salt water and mud, contributes to people visiting the Jordanian and Israeli...
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