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Why Egypt is the perfect family destination

Although Egypt may seem like a destination just for adults, many visit to explore the country’s ancient history. Young explorers will certainly be fascinated by the range of activities the country has to offer.

So, parents, if you are looking for a fun destination to keep your kids busy for the school holidays while you enjoy your time as well, think about booking one of our Family tours. Here are a few of the many activities and places to visit with your family in Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza

The first and most obvious destination is the Pyramids of Giza, being one of the seven wonders of the world tourists from around the world visit Egypt just to see the Pyramids.

Seeing them in person is an experience that cannot be forgotten, and kids will be in awe of the real-life size compared to what is seen in movies.

Not only are you going to see the pyramids, but locals offer services where kids – and adults – can dress up like ancient Egypt’s rulers where you can take pictures wearing these outfits in front of the pyramids!

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The Red Sea Beaches

During Egypt’s summer months – May and August – the weather gets extremely hot, however, this is the perfect time to visit because Egypt has the best oceans to cool off in. Due to their perfect clear waters, many water parks were built on the beaches, where kids can enjoy the beach as well as swimming pools, water slides and much more.

In towns such as Sharm El Sheikh, which is well known for its resorts and water parks, you are given the opportunity to have a relaxing time while the kids have the experience of a lifetime! They also offer activities for both adults and children like family snorkelling through the clearest waters and spotting various types of fish and coral reefs.

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Souks, souks and souks!

Throughout Egypt, there are lively and vibrant souks – bazaars – where kids will enjoy seeing the various oriental souvenirs while shopping alongside you. We would recommend you visit more than one souk in Egypt as each has its own unique aura, keeping you and your family delighted by the experience.

These souks encompass the true essence of Egypt’s culture, they start getting crowded around the late afternoons as the weather starts to cool down by the evening. If you are planning to experience the souks at night be sure to keep the kids close to you as they do get quite crowded.

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Navigating the Nile

A boat ride or cruise on the Nile is a top tier experience on almost every travel list. If you are looking to spend time with your teens this is the activity for that. Whether you are going to book a cruise that lasts around three days, which offers: buffets, belly dancing shows, jaw-dropping scenery and loads more or booking a boat ride along the Nile, we would suggest at night because it is cooler, and many boats have lights and play music for you to dance to with your family.

Seeing the other boats pass you with families having a fun time leaves you with a wholesome experience spent on the Nile River!

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