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Top benefits and tips for solo travelling

Travelling alone will open a door to a new life experience to delve into learning more about yourself. Solo travelling can be the perfect way to give yourself some time alone, it’s an experience like no other. Although it can be slightly terrifying, we have compiled some benefits and tips that may help you overcome those fears. 

Benefits  of solo travel

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  • You learn more about yourself, you gain clarity on what your strengths, weaknesses and passions are.  
  • You learn to take risks, although this can go both ways. Taking these travelling risks tends to boost your confidence – once done successfully, you will be driven to take a solo trip more frequently. 
  • You become more flexible when things do not go to plan, and you are forced to think of better solutions.  
  • You are more patient because you can take your time to make yourself comfortable and adapt to your new surroundings. Patience is also gained when you’re faced with a difficult situation, you are able to reflect with yourself on how to overcome it.  
  • You meet new people and learn about various things allowing you to have a better outlook on others and make new friends. 
  • You will be seen as an adventurous and independent person amongst your friends, family and colleagues. You will also be more interesting to the people around you and the people you meet.

Tips for solo travellers

Top benefits and tips for solo travelling 3 anete lusina rFKBUwLg WQ unsplash scaled Top benefits and tips for solo travelling

  • Firstly, decide on a destination, maybe a place you have dreamed of visiting, a place that will give you a relaxing experience or one that has many activities that will give you the thrill of being adventurous, keeping your adrenaline running. The possibilities are endless! 
  • Start saving, it is important that you plan out your finances for the trip as well as for when you return home, so you’re not knocked in the face with responsibilities that cannot be paid because you have splurged on your trip. Think ahead! 
  • Pack light and pack smart. No one wants to be alone carrying bags and bags of items that you will not need. Make a list of essentials and categorize them into sections of toiletries, clothing, devices, shoes, etc. There’s nothing worse than packing light and leaving your chargers behind.  
  • Make sure you organize yourself and the important documents that you need. Pack it in a safe place that you will remember, and that no one else can get hold of them.  
  • Book a trip that provides solo accommodation and features that you can make the most of while travelling. Consider viewing our Small Group tours!  
  • Pick up on some languages. When you are alone exploring it can be beneficial to know some of the local languages in order to get yourself around – Wi-Fi will not always be available to ask Google for help.  
  • Make the most of your experience by being open to trying new things like eating local foods, visiting local shops or attending local events like festivals.  

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