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A 24-Hour Guide to Staying in Amman

Amman offers many sites and historical places to visit, and it is almost impossible to fit them all into 24 hours. Food, sites and hospitality are only but a few things to experience in Amman. Planning your itinerary for your day trip in Amman is crucial when having so many things to do and see in such a short time. However, try and be flexible as locals and businesses may not have the same time schedule as you.

Make the most of your 24 hours in Jordan by following this easy guide:

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Catch the sunrise

It is evident that when you have a limit of time in a beautiful city such as Amman, you need to be up early in order to get in the best experience in such a short time. Amman is made from stunning mountains and hills, and it is safe to say a sunrise emerging from them is breathtaking.

The most popular sunrise spot in Amman is Jabal Al Weibdah – referred to by locals as ‘the view’, the mountain overlooks the downtown city. Sit on the grass and take in the early morning air watching the sunrise.


A day in Amman is not complete without a traditional breakfast. If you are a coffee person who needs that early morning cup, head to Shariah Street in Jabal Al Weibdeh where you will find a lineup of coffee shops serving all types of coffee from American to Arabic coffees. If you are looking for a meal for breakfast, there are plenty of restaurants serving traditional Arabian breakfasts such as foul, falafel and hummus.


Downtown Amman is filled with souks and shops with vendors selling everything from street food, souvenirs, clothing and so much more. Nothing is too far in Amman, it is a twenty-minute walk from Jabal El Weibdah to downtown Amman, the walk allows you to take in Amman’s scenery and historical buildings.

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After walking and shopping, you most definitely start feeling hungry again, downtown Amman has the perfect spots just for that. There are plenty of restaurants that serve famous Arabian food – an essential when getting the full experience. A well-known downtown is Hashem Restaurant, which serves some of the best food in Jordan. The simplistic look and plastic chairs on the side of the road give you the local experience of Amman. After trying their famous dishes, do not forget to grab some dessert – Kunafeh, a cheese-filled Palestinian pastry, served warm and crispy on the outside while being soft on the inside.

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After that lunch, you will need to walk it off. Visit the citadel to watch the sunset, a popular sunset spot is Jabal Amman. After, head down to Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street – one of Amman’s busiest streets where locals and tourists enjoy spending their evenings.

Kick back and relax

After a day full of activities, the best way to end it is by having a relaxing night. Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Street is also known as Rainbow street is the perfect way to wind down with some cocktails where you can find at the Cantaloupe a Citadel-facing patio. If you are looking for more social relaxation and open-air smoking options head to Dust Roof. Lastly, if you are more of a music person the La Locanda Boutique Hotel hosts live Maestro music which can be found in either Jafra or Weibdah.

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