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Top 5 foods to try in Jordan

Jordan is filled with rich history and heritage where various cultures meet and some of the best food is bound to be found and enjoyed. We have compiled a list of the top 5 foods to try on your trip to Jordan – trying these foods will definitely give you the ultimate Jordan experience.

Top 5 foods to try in Jordan 1 shutterstock 2021764724 scaled Top 5 foods to try in Jordan

1. Makloubeh  

The name literally translates to “upside down,” traditionally the cooking pot this dish is made in is flipped upside down and the contents are thrown onto a serving tray. The dish is layered with rice, pieces of lamb or chicken and vegetables such as eggplant, chickpeas and potatoes. The rice is spicey and filled with flavor and is usually served with plain yoghurt on the side for extra flavor.  

2. Mansaf 

This dish is one of Jordan’s most signatures dishes and is part of Jordan’s rich traditions. The dish is a platter of rice that is thrown onto paper-thin flatbread known as “Shrak” and is topped with soft, tender lamb meat that has been soaked in a yogurt a marinade. This dish can be found in almost every traditional Jordan restaurant or if you are lucky enough, locals are always eager to welcome guests and feed them their traditional foods – this is the best place to get a taste of authentic Mansaf.  

3. Zarb  

This dish is a Bedouin speciality that is slowed for hours in an underground pit, where hardwood is used to keep the food cooking for long hours. There are many variations of this dish that can be made but most are made with whole lamb and chicken alongside vegetables. The highlight of this dish is the unique smokey flavor that comes from the embers in the pit. Zarb is commonly found in the Wadi Rum Camps.  

4. Sayadieh  

If you’re looking for something that is not made of lamb or chicken but still eager to try Jordan’s traditional dishes, Sayadieh is the one for you. This dish is made of whole or cut pieces of fish, served over a bed of rice and topped with caramelized onions and a spicy sauce that adds to the flavor. This description is enough to make your mouth water!  

5. Kunafa 

After trying one of these main dishes, we highly recommend having some traditional dessert. Kunafa is a baked dessert that is crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside depending on the filling. It is made from a pastry similar to vermicelli noodles, after being baked it is drowned in syrup, sprinkled with pistachios and when you cut into it melted white cheese oozes out from the inside.

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