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Why Egypt Should Be On The Top Of Your ” Travel-To ” List This Year ?

Experience the Thrilling Desert Safaris

Feel the adrenaline as you sandboard down the silky sand mountains in the Sahara desert, or watch the sun slowly sink into the warm desert sands as you ride a camel with your family and loved ones. If you are more of a wild one, you can quad bike through the Sinai Desert, Blue Desert, Eastern Desert or explore the Colored Canyons. We offer you the best way to escape from the city crowds and explore the Egyptian Sahara to its fullest.

Admire the Exotic Art and Egyptian History for yourself

Our Egyptologist guides will take you back in time while you stand in the heart of the most astonishing historical sites of all time. Admire the oldest well-preserved art on earth, left behind by the Egyptian tribe over 4000 Years ago. By the time you finish your tour of Egypt, you will be ready to brag about all the historical facts you’ve learned along the way.

Egypt’s crystal beaches

Egypt offers some of the best beaches in the world such as Hurghada beach, Gharam Beach, Agiba Beach and so many more and we know all the perfect spots that are ideal for water sports and snorkeling if you are keen to discover the stunning underwater world.

Cruise down the River Nile

Wine and dine on-board our 5* Deluxe and Luxury Cruises, wake up every morning to the breathtaking view as you cruise down Aswan and Luxor while stopping at each site for a guided tour.

The traditional Sailing Felucca

Feel the fresh breeze through your hair and listen to the sound of the water as you sail down the mighty River Nile. Watch the Felucca sail’s men rush to pull the sail up the track, crinkling and crackling as it unrolls, Lay back and relax with not a single care in the world and take in the beautiful landscape of Aswan.

Experience the Spirituality

Escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and take a break to receive a spiritual rebirth. Egypt is probably the only place on earth that is a complete peaceful home to all different religions and beliefs, Egypt provides some serene places of worship that allow you to open your mind to and learn about each journey. You can spend some quiet time in the mosques such as the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, Ibn Tulun … you can also visit the Citadel of Saladin or explore the journey of the holy family and visit the Babylon and Saint Sergius Church which is believed to be their resting place.

The Exquisite Egyptian Food and Traditional Habits

Let the Egyptian food mark you for life and give you an endless craving of coming back for more. Discover new tastes and take part in our cooking courses at the best local restaurants. For those of you who ever wonder what a “ Chicha “ or “ Aguila “ taste like, well you are in for a treat because we know the best traditional Cafes in Town. Somewhere Through the Crowded streets of Old Cairo are the most popular places that only we know such as Najib Mahfoudh Coffee Shop, El Fishawi Coffee shop, etc… take a seat and enjoy your ‘’Chicha’’ while you sip on a fresh hot cup of Mint Tea or Coffee as you watch the people go by.

Khan El Khalil Bazaar

I don’t think you can truly say you have been to Cairo without paying a visit to the Khan El Khalili Bazaar. A true paradise for shopping lovers, you will find everything you are looking for under one roof from various statues, spices, souvenirs, silver jewelry to clothes and beautiful oriental carpets.

Stay at the Top Hotels, Resorts.

From Adventure and Exploring to Relaxation and Luxury … Egypt has everything! We have chosen top hotels and resorts ourselves of all different categories to meet our guest’s wide range of preferences like Four Seasons Resort, Dreams Beach Resort and Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort, you will get plenty of options for world class accommodation facilities. All the resort searching and inspecting has all been done by us so now all you and your family have to do is relax at one of these resorts that provide numerous water activities.