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Los 5 mejores sitios históricos para visitar en Jordania

Jordan ? is a piece of an ancient land found in Southwest Asia, that is deeply rooted in various cultures, religions, politics and histories. Here is our list of top five historical sites to visit when you take a trip to Jordán.  


The most iconic site in Jordan – found in the south of the country ? the remarkable monuments of Petra are now considered one of the wonders of the world. The Nabataeans created this city by carving it out of the sandstone cliffs and rocks ? this is where they settled and made this city their capital.  

The intricate remains of tombs and temples left behind in this city are truly a sight to see. The most well-known sight to welcome visitors is Al-Khazneh (The Treasury), this well-preserved monument is thought to date back to the first century BC. It is believed that this temple was the mausoleum of the Nabataean King. Although the building has been able to stand tall all these years and preserve its outside design, unfortunately, the inside does not fulfil the expectations of the exterior. However, the external beauty makes the visit totally worth it!  

Other sites alongside this one such as the Byzatine church and other tombs that emerged during the Roman era are highlights of visiting Petra.  

Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan 1 alex vasey 5 Bu25SV6X8 unsplash scaled Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan


Aside from being Jordan’s capital city, Amman is rich in ancient history and is home to one of the most fascinating historical sites ? the Amman Citadel Towers, which can be found on Jebel Al Qala?a – a hill in Amman. This area of the Citadel dates back to the Bronze Age. 

Famous things to see in this area is The Temple of Hercules ? built by the Romans and today, it still has two complete pillars that are still standing ? and The Umayyad Palace believed to have been built in the 8el century, having been destroyed by earthquakes, parts of the palace still remain to leave visitors impressed by its preservation.  

Let’s not forget the ancient Roman Amphitheatre which is cut into the northern side of a hill and has a capacity of 6000 seats. Amman is well known for its rich history of Roman ruins, visitors can enjoy the exciting nightlife of souks and meet the friendly locals who are eager to share a meal with you.  

Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan 3 temple of hercules g23633a28d 1920 Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan


The ruined city of Jerash covers a large area of Jordan that hosts many historical Roman sites such as. Jerash is one of the world’s best-preserved sites from the Roman era. The grand city has left a great impact on Jordan’s history and ranks second among the most popular tourist sites in Jordan after Petra.  

Tourists are welcome to explore these ruins as well as the Temple of Artemis, the Forum and its large standing columns, the 3000-seat theatre that is still functioning today and, you may also enjoy paying a visit to the Jerash Archeological Museum that displays many artefacts from the ancient period.  

Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan 5 hisham zayadnh oFHBH0W3vRY unsplash scaled Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan


The only coastal city in Jordan, Aqaba, is well known for its coral reef of the Red Sea and the road that leads to the rocky Wadi Rum. The city illuminates Islamic history with its landmarks that show off Jordan’s history.  

In Aqaba, you can find the Mamluk castle ? a site of the most famous battles fought in WWI, the Arab Revolt. The city also has an archaeological museum that gives an insight into the city’s history. The museum was originally the palace of Hussein bin Ali ? the Hashemite dynasty ? the museum showcases a collection of Bronze Age artefacts. Additionally, you can visit the ancient church ? mud-brick Ayla ? one the oldest church in the world.  

Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan 7 mohammad naser K0 F4rIB8xU unsplash scaled Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan


The Ajloun Castle is a beautiful ? well preserved ? Islamic fortress situated on the top of a mountain called Mount Ajloun which was previously named Jabal ?Auf, this castle certainly takes you back to the time of the Crusades.  

Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan 9 mario la pergola 0BBockx czs unsplash scaled Top 5 historical sites to visit in Jordan

The castle was built with passages and levels that give a panoramic view overlooking the north Jordan Valley. The architecture of this castle is the perfect depiction of the medieval Arab military.  


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