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12 Days / 11 Nights
$1555 USD
A very unique experience encompassing two deserts, two incomparable pearls of Egypt in Siwa and Nubia.
The Siwa oasis is hidden deep in the Western desert, home of the Amazigh people, the “Noble Men”. This faraway, out-of-reach paradise was not part of Ancient Egypt. However, it played a significant role in keeping the energetic balance of Kemet (Egypt in ancient times). Siwa’s magical powers called unto Alexander the Great to travel through the desert, encountering the many dangers of nature in order to get anointed there as Pharaoh of Egypt. Siwa also offered Cleopatra a safe haven when she escaped her brothers’ wrath. Legends surrounding Siwa abound. Come and discover some of them and live to tell the tale, what many Pharaohs, according to legend, were unable to do.
The other pearl of Egypt is Nubia in the Southern Desert, a kingdom of its own and the other balancing point for Kemet. Nubia is the land of the Queens. All strong and famous Egyptian queens have an unshakeable bond with Nubia where some of them left their temples deeply entrenched in the Nubian desert. Nubia with its colored houses looks like a fairy-tale land and its people are believed to be the guardians of the Golden Times of Atlantis.
Kriszta Veres, leader of the trip, sees and remembers Siwa as the initiation place of the Pharaohs and Nubia as the one for the Queens. Kemet was great and flourishing as the King and Queen undertook their initiation journey and their Divine Union was the base for the balance and justice that reigned on the land of Isis.
We call on you to journey with us in the steps of those Kings and Queens. Experience your own initiation journey to balance the masculine and feminine in you and in your life. Come and discover ancient places and reap the gifts they can bestow upon your Soul.
Sinai Safari
Sinai Safari

General Information About tour

Day 1/22 November    Cairo Arrival in Cairo
Day 2/23 November    Siwa   Drive to Marsa Matrouh and Siwa. Overnight in Siwa.
Day 3/24 November    Siwa Desert Safari
Day 4/25 November    Siwa Mountain of the Dead, Temple of the Oracle of Amun
Day 5/26 November    Alexandria  Overnight at hotel.
Day 6/27 November    Alexandria  Beach, Serapeum of Alexandria. Overnight in Cairo hotel.
Day 7/28 November    Giza. Pyramids. Overnight in hotel. (Dinner)
Day 8/29 November    Dahshour and Saqqara , Moon Pyramids. Temple of Saqqara. Overnight in Aswan Nubian village.
Day 9/30 November    Kalabsha Temple. Overnight in nubian village. (Dinner)
Day 10/1 December     Abu Simbel  Overnight at Nubian village. (Dinner)
Day 11/2 December     Isis Temple of Philae, Knum temple. Dinner at Old Cataract Hotel. Overnight at Nubian village.
Day 12/3 December     Departure


Tour Highlights

Intention-setting ritual at Cleopatra Beach in Marsa Matrouh * Soul-connection at the top of Shali, the Old Town of Siwa * Journey with the four elements between the dunes and the springs of the Sahara * Siwan drumming and dancing evening * Mountain of the Dead * Journey with the 5th element in the sacred space of the Oracle Temple * Relaxing in the waters of the Salt Mines and Cleopatra Bath * Sunset grounding meditation and candlelight dinner in the amazing Adrere Amallel Ecolodge * Sunrise by the Mountains and the Salt Lake * Morning meditation on the beach of Sheraton Montazah Hotel in Alexandria * Connecting with Hypatia and the Alexandrian Library in the tunnels of the Alexandria Serapeum * Sunrise and morning at the Giza Plateau * Breakfast in the legendary Mena House Hotel * Connecting to the energies of Dahshour, Saqqara and the Serapeum * Nubian Village * Kalabsha Temple with a meditation in the Qertassi Sanctuary * The Hathor Mystery Temples of Abu Simbel * Sunrise by the Island of Isis * Uniting the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in the Philae Temple of Isis * Sailing on the Nile and visiting the powerful Khnum Temple * Farewell dinner on the terrace of the beautiful Old Catarct Hotel


  • - 3 nights accommodation in Shali Lodge in Siwa
  • - 1 night in Alexandria, in the Sheraton Montazah hotel
  • - 2 nights in Cairo ( 3* Zayed hotel or similar)
  • - 4 nights in Arteka Guesthouse in the Nubian Village
  • - Meal on half –board basis
  • - 2 light lunches in Siwa
  • - All transfers as per above itinerary
  • - Ground services as per above itinerary
  • - The spiritual program
  • - All entrance fees as per above itinerary
  • - Tips to drivers, guides and guards


  • - Airline tickets (international and domestic)
  • - Entry Visa
  • - Drinks, extra meals
  • - Tipping/Gratuity
  • - Additional tours, trips, necessities, etc
  • Day 1 (1/22 November *Cairo)

    1/22 November   *Cairo

    Ahlan wa sahlan. Our agent will welcome you upon your arrival at the airport. Once you are done with formalities and collecting your luggage, he will convey you to the meeting point. First dinner and then the night journey to Siwa by bus.


  • Day 2 (2/23 November *Siwa)

    2/23 November *Siwa

    After you arise this morning, you will gaze upon the beautiful and wild Cleopatra Beach of Marsa Matrouh and take in the two eye-stopping sculpted rocks crowning the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. They are truly magnificent in their realism, one portraying a crowned woman and the other a man approaching her with full sails. We will meditate, establishing a connection with all the elements surrounding us. We reach out to the memories of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and those whose initiation journeys started from this point. Our meditation walk will take us over sands and rocks, uniting us in our heart-abiding intentions with the past and the future, sharing ourselves with nature in its all-encompassing manifestations.

    We will then continue to Siwa, take in a late breakfast and then go on to climb to Shali, the old city of Siwa. Shali had been the home of the Amazigh since the 13th century until the mud-brick structures were washed away by constant rain in 1926. Walking through the remains of the old city will be like opening the gates to reconnect with our souls, evoking the energy of the days gone by. On top of the hill, we shall open our selves and let in all the energy encompassing this place. We shall accomplish our own initiation journey uniting our souls with the elements surrounding us.

    Come afternoon, we shall take a rest in our traditional Siwa hotel, a few minutes- walk from the city center. Or we may decide to walk about town, taking in the pulse of Siwa life. We will meet again for dinner.


  • Day 3 (3/24 November *Siwa Desert Safari)

    3/24 November *Siwa Desert Safari

    Sabah el kheir. Right after breakfast, we shall head out in jeeps with our desert guides and start on our discovery of the dunes of the Great Sand Sea, a huge expanse of desert encompassing Egypt and Libya. It the 3rd largest sand dune field in the world and Siwa is its northern gate. We shall swerve along the dunes, climb mountains that were formed from sand and residues of ancient seas. We will bathe in the natural hot and cold springs of the desert and have our lunch under the scorching desert sun and as a finale, enjoy the sunset by a desert fire while partaking of the famous Siwa tea. We will do four elemental initiation journeys this day, connecting us to the wisdom of air, water, fire and earth.

    After sunset, we will head back to the edge of the city where we shall have dinner cooked in the hot desert sand at a Siwan camp. Overnight at the hotel.


  • Day 4 (4/25 November Siwa)

    4/25 November Siwa

    Good morning. Today we will visit the Mountain of the Dead, site of Greco-Roman tombs. The mountains’ energy will move us to connect with our ancestors and ask them for their blessings for the next step in our journey, the element of Love, which we will seek in the Temple of the Oracle of Amun.

    The Siwan Oracle is like the Delphi one, handing out messages from the Gods. Alexander the Great received his life-changing message here, delivered by the Priestesses of Siwa. He was proclaimed Pharaoh of Egypt, Son of the Sun god. The tale goes on as his initiation journey took days and his tests were many. We too shall connect to the sacred space within the Oracle, walk the maze of the Temple. We shall intently listen and hear the messages that will be whispered in our hearts and souls by the Priestesses whose energy reigns until this day in this sacred place. Our healing ritual will take place in the Sanctuary.

    Once we are done with our healing ritual, we shall partake of a light lunch. You may want to also enjoy dipping in the turquoise detoxifiying waters of the Siwan Salt Mines and the waters of the Cleopatra Baths. There, we will also have time to browse around the shops and try some of the fresh juices on offer at the Café. Before sunset, we will climb the Dakhrour Mountains. It is a mountain of peace and tranquility. Every autumn, the Siwan people gather here and remember and honor the peace treaty between the Western and Eastern tribes. They hold a three day festival, sharing food accompanied by dancing, drumming and chanting. Bathed by the setting sun and surrounded by the mystical mountains, we will hold our own energizing exercises to create inner peace.

    After dinner and a Siwan party, we shall return to our hotel ready for a healing sleep.


  • Day 5 (5/26 November *Alexandria)

    5/26 November *Alexandria

    Farewell Siwa, ma al salama. Bidding farewell to Siwa, we make our way to Alexandria. After breakfast, we shall board our bus and go on a coastal journey toward Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great and home of the Ptolemaic Kings and Queens. It was also the home of Cleopatra, from where she ruled as the embodiment of Isis.

    After a late lunch in Alexandria, we will check in at the Sheraton Montazah hotel and take a rest.


  • Day 6 (6/27 November *Alexandria)

    6/27 November *Alexandria

    Once we are done with breakfast, we shall hold a meditation session on the beach. Swaying with the waves of the Mediterranean, we shall let ourselves be carried on a cloud of wellness and calm. The city is a perfect example of beauty, embodiment of what the sacred Masculine and Feminine can create when joined. It also an example of disharmony between the two when there is no balance in their energies. On the beach, we shall connect to Cleopatra and the ability of the feminine to bring changes through the heart.

    After checking out of our hotel, we shall visit the Serapeum of Alexandria, an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Serapis, protector of the city. There we shall connect to the energy of the Old Alexandria Library and Hypatia, a philosopher, astronomer and mathematician who lived here. We shall seek this connection through a visualization in the tunnels of the Serapeum, reaching out to all these brave women who defied circumstances in order to reach out to the truth with their souls.

    This afternoon we will make our way to Cairo, where we shall have dinner and then check in at our hotel.


  • Day 7 (7/28 November *Giza)

    7/28 November *Giza

    A very special sunrise awaits us on the Giza Plateau, overlooking the Sphinx and the three Pyramids. Theories about the Pyramids abound. The official one calls them Tombs. I, and many others working with energy, experience them differently. I see and feel them as places of initiation, each built with a different purpose and each holding different vibrations. It through our connection to these specific vibrations that we can expand our consciousness and start living and manifesting the Light from which we were created. We will talk about these theories and then by way of a short ritual, we will open our hearts to the Sphinx, the Guardian of the Heart of Egypt. It holds strong powers, measuring our hearts on the scale of Maat and it cleanses us of all anger, resentment and negative feelings. Afterwards, we shall enter the Plateau, connecting to the Sphinx from a closer stand point and walk on to the Great Pyramid.

    The three chambers of the Great Pyramid, although only one can be visited during opening hours, offer the possibility of cleansing and releasing all memories connected to the abuse of magic. We enter the Great Pyramid, energetically connecting to the two closed chambers, then climb to the Kings’ Chamber to reconnect to our true selves, who we really are.

    Once we are done, we shall go for breakfast in Mena House hotel, an old royal mansion that is now a 5*hotel overlooking the Pyramids

    You may want to relax for a bit. Or else cleanse the Atlantis Karma at the Stargate temple. At a certain point in Atlantis, we started to believe that power is limited, that some may have it, others not. From that illusion, this dominating-power pattern started and it finally destroyed Atlantis and keeps destroying our World. It is essential that we heal that Karma at the personal and collective levels in order to create a new, different reality.

    Dinner and overnight at Cairo hotel.


  • Day 8 (8/29 November Dahshour and Saqqara)

    8/29 November Dahshour and Saqqara

    Visiting the Moon Pyramids at Dahshour is an experience you won’t forget. For me, the three Pyramids of Dahshour – the Black, the Bent and the Red- are holding the energy of the Crone, the Maiden and the Mother. Between them, there used to be the Sacred Grove of Isis and a little further along, the Sacred Lake. Here, the Divine was honored in the beauty of Nature and the Priestesses, working in harmony with the Male Guardians, taught the sacredness of all Life. We will attune to those times and call them forth.

    After Dahshour, we will visit the healing Temple of the Saqqara Pyramids. There we shall connect to the archetype of the Healer, allowing our healing abilities to strengthen and create healing space for all members of our group.

    We will finish our Saqqara trip by visiting the mind-blowing Serapeum and its 24 granite and basalt Sarcophagi. The official theory considers this place as the repository of the tombs of the Apis Bulls. However, anyone with open senses will feel the powerful energetic pull of the portals. Here, we will connect with our Star Lineage and commit to act in harmony with the Divine Will.

    After a late lunch, we will fly to Aswan and go on with our escort to our Nubian village accommodation.


  • Day 9 (9/30 November *Kalabsha Temple)

    9/30 November *Kalabsha Temple

    Breakfast by the Nile and then we are off to relax and just dawdle around the village.

    Early afternoon, we will head to the Temple of Kalabsha. Starting at the main building of this Nubian Temple, we will connect with Mendulis and his essence, which is empowered to strip away all that which is unnecessary. We will offer all that which we do not care to carry any longer and give them over to the transformative space of the temple.

    Then we shall connect with Sekhmet, the guardian of power. In her strong presence, we will create a connection between our Solar Plexus and Heart chakras and start using our will and our power from the heart.

    We will finish with a visit to the Sanctuary of Qertassi, the Nubian name for Hathor, where we shall start our preparation for the next part of our journey, opening the gate for dreams and visions.

    Dinner at the hotel. Overnight in Nubian hotel.


  • Day 10 (10/1 December *Abu Simbel)

    10/1 December *Abu Simbel

    After an early breakfast we shall start our journey to Abu Simbel.

    According to the official theory, the two temples of Abu Simbel are the mortuary temples of Ramses II and his Great Queen Nefertari. In my soul-knowledge, the Nefertari Temple was the mystery school of Hathor, where the priestesses of Hathor were trained and the Queen was initiated. The Ramses Temple was a place of healing, where the priestesses led the wounded men – energetically or physically  - back to the fullness of their Souls. The Nubians call them Nubian temples, and that they were sacred places long before the rule of Ramses II.

    The initiation journey of the King was through the Western desert finding completion in the Oracle Temple of Siwa while the initiation of the Queen went by way of the small Nubian temples hidden in the Nubian desert between Aswan and Abu Simbel. It was the road of dreams and visions, as in each temple the Queen waited for the vision to open the road to the next temple. The first of those temples was Kalabsha where yesterday we opened the gate for dreams and visions.

    We shall continue to ask for the dreams and visions on our three-hour trip to Abu Simbel. Once there, we shall proceed to the temple of Nefertari and Hathor, opening our consciousness, our hearts and our minds to the place of initiation. We shall invoke the priestesses and Queens and beg their attendance upon us and offer ourselves as chalices for the essence of Hathor.

    Replete with serenity and calm after our invocations, we shall take our essence on to the temple of Ramses where we shall undertake the healing of our wounded masculine parts.

    Dinner and a Nubian evening await us. Overnight at our Nubian hotel.


  • Day 11 (11/2December *Isis Temple of Philae)

    11/2December *Isis Temple of Philae

    Sunrise on the Nile will open our senses as we make our way to the Temple of Philae. It was also the temple of Divine Union between the initiated King and his Queen. We visit the Birth house, connecting our inner Masculine, inner-King. Full of this energy, we will walk on to the Sanctuary and in the sacred pose of Isis, we shall hold the vision of a World born and nurtured from the Unity of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.

    After our communion, we shall have breakfast in a charming restaurant overlooking the temple. Then we will have some time to ourselves. Early afternoon shall see us on our way sailing on the Nile to visit the powerful temple of Knum on Elephantine Island. There we shall set our intentions for the future.

    At sunset, we will have our farewell dinner on the terrace of the legendary Old Cataract Hotel. We will hold a closing, sharing circle in our Nubian hotel.


  • Day 12 (12/3 December *Departure)

    12/3 December *Departure

    We wish you had a very deep, rewarding experience on your spiritual tour of our sacred temples. May your days be blessed.

    Our representative will be accompanying to the airport to see you safely on board your flight back home. Ma al salama.


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