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13 Days / 12 Nights
$1690 USD
“O, Great Master, let me be a teacher of men, leading them onward and upward until they too, are lights among men; freed from the veil of the night that surrounds them, flaming with light that shall shine amongst all. Upward then, let me be the Dweller. Dwell, that I again, among children of men, be teaching and showing them some of my wisdom; Son of Light, a fire among men.”

With the words of Toth, the Atlantean, I am calling You to Egypt, to the ancient land of Kemet. I am calling You to join me on this powerful journey of Alchemy, in the search of the Inner Light. We will wander through the ancient temples, sacred places of initiation and through the layers of our Souls. We will travel deep inside where dwells the Light that can change all matter into Gold.
We will journey with the Akhenaten dynasty, connect with the golden vibrations of the objects they held, now found at the Egyptian Museum, through visiting AketAton, the city of Akhenaten and the tombs of Tutankhamun and Ay. We will have our private visit in the Great Pyramid and we will allow the three initiation chambers to transform and cleanse us from all our negative memories and traumas connected to the abuse of magic. We will have our very own contemplative moments between the paws of the Sphinx and open our hearts to the Heart Temple the Sphinx is guarding. We will dive deep into the violet light of the Djed Pillar in the powerful Temple of Abydos. These are but some of the highlights of our tour. I will introduce you to many more in the days to come.

This journey in the search of our Inner Light is led by Kriszta Veres, Priestess of Avalon, who, seven years ago, was called home to the Land of Isis. Her love of old and modern Egypt became a devotion and she delights in taking visitors behind the touristic scene and introducing them to the “real” Egypt. She is the channel to the energy of the temples and ancient sites and holds a sacred space for people so that she might gift them with a strong energizing and soulful experience throughout their egyptian journey.

General Information About tour

21 October       Arrival at Cairo Airport
22 October       Egyptian Museum, Felucca and Khan El Khalili 
23 October       Giza Plateau
24 October       Dahshour & Saqqara
25 October       Cairo -  Minya 
26 October       Minya - Abydos
27 October       Abydos - Luxor
28 October       Luxor West Bank
29 October       Luxor East Bank
30 October       Luxor -  Dandara – El Gouna
31 Oct/1 Nov   El Gouna
2 November      Departure

Tour Highlights

Journey with Akhenatens’ heritage in the Egyptian Museum * Intention-setting ceremony on the Nile * Private time and meditation inside the three chambers of the Great Pyramid and between the paws of the Sphinx * Ceremonial connection to the energy field of Dahshour, Saqqara and the Serapeum * Connecting with initiation on the path of Jesus at the ancient monastery of Dair Al Adhra * Sunrise in AketAton, in the city of Akhenaten * Djed-meditation in the Abydos Temple * Releasing the Matrix in the Amenhotep III. Temple, Valley of the Queens and Temple of Hatshepsut * the Secrets of the Tutankhamun and Ay tombs * Empowering ceremonies in the Temple of Mut and the Sekhmet Sanctuary of Karnak * Rebirth of the Divine Self in Luxor Temple * Connecting with the Seven Hathors in Dandara * Grounding the journey in Al Gouna by the Red Sea.


  • - 4 nights accommodation in Cairo ( 3* Zayed hotel or similar)
  • - 1 night in Minya
  • - 1 night in Abydos
  • - 3 nights in Luxor on the West Bank
  • - 3 nights in a 4* hotel in El Gouna
  • - Meals on half –board basis
  • - All transfers as per above itinerary
  • - Ground services as per above itinerary
  • - Private visit to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx
  • - The spiritual program
  • - All entrance fees as per above itinerary
  • - Tips to drivers, guides and guards


  • - Flights (international and domestic)
  • - Drinks, extra meals, tips in hotels
  • Day 1 (1/21 October *Cairo)

    1/21 October  *Cairo Welcome! Our representative will meet you at the airport and assist you will all formalities. Once you have your luggage, he will ferry you to your hotel. Enjoy your time after check-in until the evening when you shall meet with Ms. Kriszta Veres and have dinner. Overnight in hotel.

  • Day 2 (2/22 October *Egyptian Museum, Felucca and Khan el Khalili)

    2/22 October *Egyptian Museum, Felucca and Khan el Khalili

    Visit the Egyptian Museum and connect with the heritage of Kings Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. Akhenaten was considered the heretic Pharaoh by the Amun Priesthood and by some of his followers. Some admired him for introducing the religion of the ONE god and others cursed him for prohibiting the worship of deities. I believe that our Egyptian ancestors always knew that the Divine is ONE. The different Neteru were not gods and goddesses but faces of the Divine, each holding a specific vibration, so that through them we may come to understand the ONE on a more complex level. However, the power-hungry Amun priesthood manipulated the consciousness of the children of Kemet which put the pure Kemetian wisdom in the shadows and let it slowly be forgotten. I see Akhnaten as one of the Golden Kings of Atlantis with the pure lineage of Sirius Star Beings. He reincarnated in Egypt with the mission to recreate the wisdom and purity on which Kemet was founded in ancient times. He taught people to look beyond form and matter and find the Real, the Divine Light, the Energy of Love all of which are the Sources of all creation. In the Museum, we will connect to the dynasty of Akhenaten and to the consciousness held by them and the belongings they left behind.

    After the Museum, we shall go for a felucca ride on the Nile offering our intention to this majestic, magical river. We shall have lunch and then go on to Khan el Khalili, Cairo’s famous bazaar. Overnight at hotel


  • Day 3 (3/23 October *Giza Plateau)

    3/23 October *Giza Plateau

    After breakfast at the beautiful Mena House hotel, we will have some free time with the option of cleansing the Atlantis Karma at the StarGate Temple. At a certain point in Atlantis, we started to believe that power was limited to some select few and others were deprived of it. From that illusion, this domination-power pattern started and finally destroyed Atlantis and keeps on destroying our World. It is essential that we heal that Karma at the personal and collective levels so that we may create a different reality.

    This afternoon we shall visit the Giza Plateau where we will have private time to meditate and conduct our ritual journey in the three initiation chambers of the Great Pyramid. Theories about the Pyramids abound. The official one calls them Tombs. I and many others working with energy experience them differently. I see and feel them as places of initiation, each built with a different purpose and each holding different vibrations. It through our connection to these specific vibrations that we can expand our consciousness and start living and manifesting the Light from which we were created.

     Although only one can be visited during opening hours, <span rgb(51,="" 51,="" 51);="" font-family:="" sans-serif,="" arial,="" verdana,="" "trebuchet="" ms";="" font-size:="" 13px;="" background-color:="" rgb(255,="" 255,="" 255);"="">the three chambers of the Great Pyramid offer the possibility of cleansing and releasing all memories connected to the abuse of magic. We shall then go on to do further cleansing between the paws of the Sphinx to which we have access during our private visit. I feel that the Sphinx, as the Guardian of the Heart of Egypt, holds strong powers, measuring our hearts on the scale of Maat and cleansing us of all anger, resentment and negative feelings. Only with light can we use our creative power positively.

    Once we are replete and done with our cleansing ceremonies for the day, we shall proceed to have dinner. Overnight at hotel.


  • Day 4 (4/24 October Dahshour and Saqqara)

    4/24 October Dahshour and Saqqara

    Visiting the Moon Pyramids at Dahshour is an experience you won’t forget. For me, the three Pyramids of Dahshour – the Black, the Bent and the Red- are holding the energy of the Crone, the Maiden and the Mother. Between them there used to be the Sacred Grove of Isis and a little further along the Sacred Lake. Here, the Divine was honored in the beauty of Nature and the Priestesses, working in harmony with the Male Guardians, taught the sacredness of all Life. We will attune to those times and call them forth.

    After Dahshour, we will visit the healing Temple of the Saqqara Pyramids. There we shall connect to the archetype of the Healer, allowing our healing abilities to strengthen and create healing space for all members of our group.

    We will finish our Saqqara trip by visiting the mind-blowing Serapeum and its 24 granite and basalt Sarcophagi. The official theory considers this place as the repository of the tombs of the Apis Bulls. However, anyone with open senses will feel the powerful energetic pull of the portals. Here, we will connect with our Star Lineage and commit to act in harmony with the Divine Will.

    This evening, we will see the beautiful Tannoura Trance Dance of the Egyptian Sufis. Overnight at hotel.


  • Day 5 (5/25 October Cairo-Minya)

    5/25 October Cairo-Minya

    We will travel by coach to reach Minya, the closest city to Tel Al Amarna, where the remains of Akhenaten’s capital are found. This is on our way to visit the old monastery of Deir Al Adhra, built by St Helen, said to be one of the sites the Holy Family rested at during its trek in Egypt. Jesus had the same powerful energy as Akhenaten, he was master of Light teaching us about our true nature. His journey as a baby with Mother Mary and Joseph was one of remembrance, as all the places they stopped at were strong energy centers of Ancient Kemet.

    Dinner and overnight in Minya.


  • Day 6 (6/26 October *Minya-Abydos)

    6/26 October *Minya-Abydos

    Sunrise in the Aton Temple of AketAton, the city of Akhenaten. AketAton means the Horizon of Aton. Akhenaten chose this site for his capital because the shape of the mountains creates the glyph(symbol) on the Horizon. For six days every year, the sun rises on this Horizon at the point created by the mountains. We will be there on one of those six days and let the rising sun open for us the portal to the mysteries of Akhenaten. We will connect to the golden vibrations anchored in the physical reality of King Akhenaten in the temple and the so-called tombs, which I believe are not tombs but portals for Souls to depart from and return to their physical reality.

    We will then set out to reach Abydos and once there we shall have dinner. Overnight at Abydos hotel.


  • Day 7 (7/27 October *Abydos-Luxor)

    7/27 October *Abydos-Luxor

    A morning visit to the Abydos Temple built by Seti I which is also the burial place of Osiris. In this ancient site you can see and feel the vibes in the megalithic temple of the Osirion. To me, it is the Temple of Unity and the temple of the Djed Pillar. The pillar is also called the spine of Osiris and it is also the Tree of Life connecting the center of the Earth with the center of the Milky Way. The Djed Pillar emanates the Violet Light which transforms everything that is not in harmony with the Source. Here we will activate the Pillar in our own bodies, allowing the Unity of our Being to join with the Source.

    Following our communion with the Djed Pillar, we will continue to Luxor where we shall have dinner and overnight on the West bank of the Nile.


  • Day 8 (8/28 October *Luxor West Bank)

    8/28 October *Luxor West Bank

    A visit to the Temple of Amenhotep is a must to connect to the powerful message held there and all its debris, allowing us to let go of our attachment to material things. We continue on our inner and outer journey in the Valley of the Queens, shedding our burdens. In the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, we will cut ourselves off from the Matrix, thus creating sacred space inside ourselves to fully embrace Who We Truly Are.

    Thereafter, we shall visit the Valley of the Kings including the tombs of Tutankhamun and Ay in the Valley of the Monkeys. There is a secret held there by these two tombs about Tutankhamun and Ankhsenamun, who were guarding the heritage of the Akhenaten teachings.

    We will have a late lunch at the hotel. Overnight at Luxor hotel.


  • Day 9 (9/29 October * Luxor East Bank)

    9/29 October * Luxor East Bank

    This morning is for taking it easy and ambling around town. If you like, we have an option you might like to indulge in. If you wish, we can arrange a hot-air balloon ride for you, that allows you to scope the city and its rich diversity of temples and chapels and ancient sites from the air, giving you a bird’s eye view on the city.

    In the early afternoon, we shall visit the Temple of Mut, built by Hatshepsut and Amenhotep III which anchored the energy to open the path to the golden vibration held by Akhenaten upon entering the physical realm. We shall connect with Sekhmet and allow her to channel our anger into a creative force. Our journey with her will continue as we visit Karnak and the Chapel there dedicated to her.

    This evening we shall walk the Avenue of the Sphinxes leading into the Luxor temple. We will have our procession with the Neter or Netert who want to walk with us, fully merging with this Divine essence in the Birth-house of the Temple, where the Pharaoh was reborn into his Divine Self.

    Dinner will be at the hotel. Overnight at hotel.


  • Day 10 (10/30 October * Luxor-Dandara-El Gouna)

    10/30 October * Luxor-Dandara-El Gouna

    An early morning visit to the beautiful temple of Hathor at Dandara. It is the home of the Seven Hathors, high priestesses each embodying a particular facet of Hathor. We shall connect to these facets at different places in this powerful temple, calling on their life-changing powers to enter our lives.

    Once we are finished with our contemplations, we shall set off by bus to el Gouna.


  • Day 11 (11/31 October *El Gouna)

    11/31 October *El Gouna

    A day of rest, of contemplation and of revisiting our journey within the realm of Queens and Kings.


  • Day 12 (12/1 November *El Gouna)

    12/1 November *El Gouna Another day, another thought, another sunrise and another sunset.

  • Day 13 (13/2 November *Departure)

    13/2 November *Departure

    May your journey with us have been as rewarding and as enriching as you hoped it would be. We wish you safe travel as our agent will pick you up and deposit you at the airport in time for your flight back home.


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