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Customize your own adventure

Creating your own adventure empowers you to design a unique and personalized travel experience, tailored specifically to your interests and preferences.

Our Inspiration

Our knowledgeable staff is commited to offering an exceptional and individualized travel experience while pressing the beauty and wealth of Egypt. We provide a variety of services, including a wide selection of packaged holidays both private and in small groups, Multilingual Egyptologist local guides, fully equiped trnasportation, accomodation, flight fares, day excursions and more...

Our Values & why choose us

It is essential for us as a company to ensure that the information we provide our customers is accurate and truthful. This is what sets us apart and allows us to make decisions based on solid and reliable facts.

Standard of service quality Service quality

service quality Service quality is absolutely paramount to us and we do not compromise when it comes to providing the best services. We are dedicated to working in an efficient manner so that every result is of exceptional quality.


Starting with trust is essential. This means we must act in a reliable way to gain peoples confidence, this serves us a great advantage with our clients as we always opt to provide a safe and hassle free experience.


As a company our target is to build a bond with our clients creating a long term and trusted business relationship. This is a key element for all our returning clients.

Our Environment

We are committed to being socially and culturally responsible to our community and tailor our business practices to protect the environment.

Travel with confidence



Excelencia es lo que ofrecemos con orgullo, garantizando que su viaje sea nada menos que extraordinario.



Nuestra principal prioridad, brindarle tranquilidad durante sus viajes.



Disponible 24h/24h Un equipo dedicado y listo para ayudarte en cada paso.


Mejor Guía

Nuestros expertos experimentados son sus compañeros confiables y convierten cada viaje en una aventura extraordinaria.

Eventos destacados

Abu Simbel Sun Festival
Abu Simbel Sun Festival
- October 22 & February 22 -

On February 22 and October 22, a solar phenomenon takes place at the Temple of Abu Simbel – the temple was constructed in such a way that on these two day of the year the sun will shine in the sacred chamber, lighting up three of the four statues. The one left in the dark is befitting as it is the one of the Ptah – God of Darkness.

- With Mary Schnorrenberg -
Ladies, if you are planning on traveling solo this year then this tour is for you! This females-only holiday package combines Adventure, Relaxation, and Authenticity, leaving you feeling empowered and cleansed at the end.

Our award & membership

Certificate of Excellency
In 2012 and twice in a row for 2017 and 2018

Egyptian Travel Agents Association
Membership License No.1275

International Air Transport Association
Membership License No.90-212496.

American Society Of Travel Agents
Membership License No.900203738
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Established in 2004, Lady Egypt Tours is a boutique travel agency situated in the heart of Cairo.
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